JAPAN.co.jp - Hardhat Required
Bradley L. Bartz

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"International entrepreneurship is a tough and nasty game! You learn it by getting kicked in the teeth, by failing, by jumping back in, building on your goofs, and winning in the end!!!!!!!!! This is a great book, written in an unorthodox, fascinating style that will give the novice beginner to the game a real insight into how the game is played - like it or not!!!!! Read it! Seek out, contemplate, then massage the lessons taught, in your mind! Bury your mind in this book and you will find tons of action oriented take-away learning points that will save you tons of grief, money and time!!!!!!!!!!! The truth about the game is in this book!!! Part of the fun of the book is the reading and discovering the lessons!!!"

Dr. Fred Kiesner
Professor LMU Entrepreneurship
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

Japan.co.jp - Hardhat Required
An American entrepreneur's escapades in Japan

Tokyo, Japan -- Fresh out of college, Bradley Bartz landed in Japan in 1989, just in time. Sure, the country's breathtaking economic bubble was bursting before his eyes. But that didn't matter.

Bartz arrived just in time to set up an information technology business placed perfectly to catch the Internet wave. Hurtling straight down the wave's massive face, Bartz “shot the tube,” building a business that became the toast of Tokyo's new Internet cognoscenti, then gloriously wiped out in a furious wall of white water. Japan.co.jp tells the tale of Bartz's wild ride and how he pulled out of the white water to surf another day as an entrepreneur.

Bartz's account is part of Japan's business history revealed in detail for the first time.

“JAPAN.co.jp takes you inside the founding of several businesses in a foreign country where a recent college graduate from America is heralded either as a brilliant, scrappy entrepreneur, or damned as a rude, outsider upstart who doesn't play by the rules -- depending on which board room he's in and which day of the week it is," said Bartz.

Bartz's business team raised more than $10 million from a hedge fund for the businesses from an Internet Service Provider to a web design boutique, magazine publisher, technology/science newswire and free e-mail service offering more than 100 unique Japanese domain names.

Foreign investors, Japanese bureaucrats, loyal and disloyal business partners and industry rivals emerge as colorful characters in a historical drama-within-the-drama as Bartz retells parts of the story as imagined from the decks of Commodore Matthew Perry's famed Black Ships.

“The successes of my early career are set against the Japanese cultural enigma of closing markets to foreigners,” said Bartz. “The lessons learned and explained in Japan.co.jp are valuable to anyone who wants to understand the inner workings of Japan's economy and industries.”

JAPAN.co.jp – Hardhat Required is available on Amazon.com and on Kindle. http://startup.japan.co.jp

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Startup in the Land of the Rising Sun: A Japanese Solar (ad)Venture

Startup in the Land of the Rising Sun
A Japanese Solar (ad)Venture
Bradley L. Bartz

Our business model is to bring Japanese solar projects to a fully licensed, permitted and Ready-to-Build state. We firmly secure high-quality lands with our experienced team's skills & licenses and good contracts. Through our on-site experience in Japan - the "Wild East" of solar, we believe our method for securing lands in sound and greatly minimizes the funder's risk and peculiar to Japan risk associated with solar project development.

"Accelerating Megasolar Development in Japan" is our mission statement. Our professional due diligence teams vet each project for key success factors like land, sunshine, inter-connection points and friendly stakeholders to keep fluctuation risk to a minimum. We use web technology to manage each project to over 100 checkpoints and automation in project summaries, mapping and financials. Our tools allow investors to see information at any time and vendors can bid on major items like solar panels. Over the past 18 months our teams have methodically built the tools, resources and the model to simplify the solar project development process.

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Pages will be written about Brad Bartz and his impact on the venture business scene in Japan. While history takes its inventory, Mr. Bartz is offering a view into his most recent startup, ABC Solar Japan KK.

If you are in the solar business anywhere on the planet this book is required reading. The sun does shine everywhere and the lessons and stories told in this book could happen in your neck of the woods. The business model for Japan is presented in detail, specifically focused on Utility Scale solar.

The Japanese market is the largest market for solar here in 2014 and will continue to be for the next 10 years. The earthquake of March 2011 and subsequent Tsunami and nuclear meltdown has accelerated the adoption of renewable technology. Not just the adoption, but the planning for 100% power generation by renewable resources. This will take time and technology, but Japan is the most elegant country to tackle this problem. I believe the Japanese solar way will be replicated around the world.

This book follows the birth of ABC Solar Japan as a subsidiary of ABC Solar Inc which was founded in 2000 in Southern California by Mr. Bartz. The reader can see the fluid ideas take shape and morph into the operating utility scale solar business it is today.

The photos of Japan in this book make the purchase worth it. Mr. Bartz artistic photos bring the prose to life and add a new dimension to telling a startup adventure.

Mr. Bartz landed in Japan in 1989 and has owned and operated businesses there since. This is Brad's 25th year in Japan and, as I write this, he can tell you that the fascination with Japan continues. Brad opened new markets in the early Internet years and fought many monopolies and vested interests. Sometimes with spectacular victories and the shamed wounded smiles of the losses.

Japan delivers a kaleidoscope landscape for developing venture business and servicing consumers. This book will offer you a colorful look at the startup process, the images of inspiration and the details of operations.

All in all you will learn about solar technology and solar project development. ABC Solar Japan KK is two years new and just getting started. I hope the opportunist in you will find gold nuggets and will help this planet go solar.

Two solar hippies tackling Tokyo's hi-end financial district only succeeds because we know our trade. The pleasure of being a solar veteran is that our ideas and experience are needed. The best part is we are always striving to learn more and be better at our job. The focus continues to be to make our ABC Solar Japan boring. Yes, Boring. Buy this book and find out why.

Startup in the Land of the Rising Sun: A Japanese Solar (ad)Venture is the first in a series of books about doing business in Japan. The trilogy will cover the founding of Japan's first commercial internet company and its dramatic rise and fall. The second phoenix is covered with the creative launch of a vanity email service at www.jmail.co.jp that featured 100 Japanese .co.jp domain names like sushi.co.jp, gaijin.co.jp and Japan.co.jp. Learn that the ABC Solar Japan team built Jmail to almost 1,000,000 Japanese users early in this century.

Brad's style of writing is like a warm conversation. The use of language is fluid and not exactly formal. But, it is enjoyable!

Brad was born in California and started his first venture when he was seven years old. Before he could drive he established a gardening business that employed more than 10. Many were older than his father. At 19 Brad started his first corporation which trained blind people how to sell and get jobs. In 1989 Brad moved the Japan and his venture spirit grew and his talent more focused.

Startup in the Land of the Rising Sun: A Japanese Solar (ad)Venture might spur your jump into business.

The Japanese consumer is the holy grail of commerce with their deep pockets and loyalty it is an honor to earn their business.

I love Japan . so will you.